Founded in 1954, GIULIANI has been producing hydraulic cylinders and pistons for off-highway vehicles since 1968, for applications on agricultural, forestry, earth-moving, material handling, and marine machinery.

Confronting a highly competitive market on a daily basis, the drive to innovate and continually improve the efficiency of products and company workflows is born.

Giuliani cooperates with the most important international brands, each with their own needs and specifications, providing not only products and service, but complete capabilities of design, development, homologation and assistance.

Thanks to the experience built over the years and recognized as a reference player in the hydraulic cylinder sector, Giuliani has been able to develop a particular know-how in severe applications such as those of hydraulic steering actuators, filing various international patents that allow to offer innovative hydraulic cylinders, also equipped with integrated optical sensors.

The accurate analysis of market and customer expectations and an innovation-oriented business system make Giuliani able to meet customer needs with a technologically advanced product that fully complies with application, ethical and environmental standards.

The results obtained in over 70 years of activity place Giuliani today as a benchmark in the sector, present both in Italy and abroad, a company offering the best in the design phase, customer assistance and, thanks to the production plants in Italy and India, even in the production phase.


Production and R&D

140k Cylinders per year +10 Patents 120 Employees Since 1997 140k Cylinders per year +10 Patents 120 Employees Since 1997

Production Plant

60 Employees 100k Cylinders per year Since 2019 60 Employees 100k Cylinders per year Since 2019

Logistic Terminal

Since 2018 Since 2018
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Cilindri Idraulici
Cilindri Idraulici
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